Social Media & Mobile Apps

Social Media

Social Media refers to tools which allow people to socially interact online and share or exchange data online. Internet users continue to spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site on the internet. The increasing trend towards using social media has led to the use of monitoring tools that allow marketers to search, track and analyze conversations and messages on the social web about their brand or topics of interest. This is useful in PR management and campaign tracking as it allows the users to measure the return on investment, competitor auditing and general public engagement.

The most popular framework used in Social Media is the Honey Comb framework which comprises of identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationships, reputation, and groups.

Different social sites have different models which take use of this framework according to their requirements and targeted visitors. We at Five Business Solutions take great pride in our expertise in analyzing these models and taking full advantage of them.


We help you set up effective social media campaigns online which guarantee audience engagement and thus profitable investment in the long run by increasing the visibility of your brand or business online.

Mobile Apps

There’s a great future in Mobile Apps. Androids, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, all play a great role in today’s economy from the great deal of mobile users. All operating systems of today have huge app distribution facilities known as app stores where each one of them has its own significance in the market.

What we work to achieve is that we want to make sure your brand makes it to all the leading app stores on mobile or tablet and is cross operating system compatible without user discrimination.
  • 1Mobile app user interface (UI) design
  • 2Android App Development
  • 3iOS App Development
  • 4Windows App Development
  • 5Cross Platform App Development (WebApp)


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